Does this sound like you?

  • Spending thousands of dollars trying to find answers to your discomfort?

  • Bunions, falling arches, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, hip impingements, hamstring pulls, rotator cuff tears, knee pain, neck tension?

  • Chronic injuries and tightness you just can't seem to get rid of?

  • Looking for a movement program you can do from home (or wherever you may be) that actually works so you can live life to the fullest?

I know how frustrating that can be!

You don't have to live like that. Your body is meant to function perfectly.  There are answers. 

I was you once. After many years of searching I finally feel like I can uncover the root cause of your chronic discomfort. 

Think I'm crazy? Don't let me convince you.

Read some testimonials from our empowered clients below. 

We have deliberately moved to a fully online program in order to remove all geographic and location barriers, making this highly sought-after program accessible to everyone.  

Speak with Jacquie

Speak 1:1 with Jacquie via Zoom about your movement goals, ask any questions you might have and discuss which program is right for you.

Some love from our empowered clients.

Energized, Educated and Motivated


"Jacquie’s commitment to my total well-being has been evident since our first meeting! Her head-to-toe assessment of my posture and movement was comprehensive and became the foundation for a customized program we have been evolving together ever since. Her ability to improve my strength, alignment and flexibility - all while working online is remarkable. She is incredibly observant and an excellent communicator, able to coach and guide nuanced movements that have left me feeling stronger and more aware of how I can protect my health and appearance as the aging process continues. As a busy executive, my days are jam packed from beginning to end; my sessions with Jacquie are a lovely bit of time just for me. I leave our sessions energized, educated and motivated to be my best as a result of her expertise, encouragement and patience. I would recommend Jacquie without hesitation!"

Unparalled Movement Therapy


"Jacqueline’s pragmatic approach to movement therapy is unparalleled and I couldn’t recommend her enough! Her ability to assess a client’s very unique situation is what sets her apart from other practitioners. As a professional dancer, I’ve been receiving movement therapy of some kind for my entire life, thus I’m very familiar with the ways most health professionals operate. I feel as though too often I’m given ‘simple’ treatments which never target the root of the problems that I deal with. There is nothing ‘simple’ about the way our bodies function. Jacqueline understands the complexity of human motion and gives her clients comprehensive programs that work."

Younger Next Year


"Younger Next Year" is the name of a popular self-help book and a state that most people my age would like to achieve. I can say that after years in the gym with a personal trainer I feel closer to attaining this ideal state than ever before having spent the last two months training with Jacquie Dos Santos of TotalWellbeing. In my case, after an initial one-on-one assessment, Jacquie has focused her sessions on my shoulders which, after 40+ years spent hunched over a desk, have fallen prey to the natural aging process. I can say with confidence that I feel I am making good progress and that my flexibility and posture are improving."

You won't know you need it, until you try


"Jaqueline’s clear communication, knowledge of the body in movement, love of problem solving and dedicated curiosity to keep learning put me in awe. Seriously - let her be your guide, you won’t know how much you need it until you try."

Seamlessly Online


"Jacquie has been working with me as a personal Pilates trainer, three times a week for the past 3 years. During that time, I was injured and unable to walk for two months. She was able to adapt to my situation and complimented the recommended exercises for my injury by keeping the rest of my body strong and flexible. What I like about Jacquie, is that the session starts with this question “How is your body feeling?” My answer will determine the training session. Oh, and did I mention that since COVID hit, we have our sessions via Facetime? Her clear instructions are such that the changeover was seamless."

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