Not feeling strong and capable in your body?

  • Starting to experience balance issues while walking on those icy streets?

  • Frustrating hip aches? Annoying shoulder cracks? Neck tension?

  • Starting to worry about how your desk life will affect the activities you love?


CARS System

Controlled Articular Rotations are easy to follow, full body, mobility and stability exercises that will

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increase joint stability

  • Maintain joint mobility

  • Increase balance

  • Build body awareness


  • 1


    • Welcome to your new morning routine

    • What you'll need

    • CARS checklist for progress tracking

  • 2

    Everything You Need to Know

    • What are CARS?

    • Why humans aren't moving the way they should be + how we should be moving

    • CARS Vs. joint circles - what's the difference?

    • CARS Vs. Stretching - what's the difference?

    • How you will gain body awareness

  • 3

    Pain - What To Do About It + How It Will Decrease

    • What happens if you feel pinching?

    • When to see a manual therapist?

    • What is that crackling sound?

    • How CARS will decrease inflammation

  • 4

    Movement Breakdowns

    • Neck

    • Scapula

    • Shoulders

    • Elbows

    • Wrist

    • Standing Spine

    • Hips

    • Quad Spine

    • Knees

    • Ankles

    • Toes

  • 5

    Follow Along Movement Routine

    • Follow Along Movement Routine

What You'll Get

  • Routine

    An easy to follow routine that's built so you can practice anywhere - no video necessary. This routine will set your body up for a day filled with any activity you choose, and prepare you to counteract the effects of sitting at your desk all day.

  • Confidence

    The tools to recognize when pain is a problem and how to manage it confidently, so you can listen intuitively to what you need and give your body the maintenance it's asking for. We will breakdown common mistakes and help you know what to watch for during practice.

  • Understanding

    Understanding of when and how to use CARS whether it be for rehab, morning mobility or a warmup for more advanced workouts. You'll be able to understand how and why your body moves a certain way and how to apply that to your practice.