Tired of sitting in your splits for hours?

  • Spending hours stretching your feet and legs with no improvement? 
  • Feeling defeated and frustrated watching the bendy ballerinas kick their faces at the barre?
  • Tired of hearing you have no turnout?

It can be incredibly frustrating feeling like you weren't born with the natural facility for dancing. 

There are answers. 

Learn how to create space in your joints and experience how fast your dancing changes. 

Privates with Jacquie

Work 1:1 with Jacquie and reach your unique dance technique goals!

What is Functional Dance Conditioning?

In Functional Dance Conditioning we use Functional Range Conditioning along with Classical Pilates techniques. This will assess the limitations in your joints , create healthy space in those joints, and open up access to a new usable range of motion to take your dancing to the next level.

What can we help with?

  • Front and side splits

  • Unlocking ankle joints to create arches

  • Increasing turnout (yes even for you)

  • Preventing chronic injuries

  • Extensions, jumps, turns, you name it!